An electrical service installation is a joint effort between you, your building contractor, your electrical contractor and OCEC. A usable OCEC connection point on or near your property will be necessary to provide electrical service to your project. If an OCEC connection point is not WITHIN 300 FEET of your project, a primary line extension may be necessary. For the complete process click the New Service Process link.

Whether requesting a new service or an upgrade to an existing service a Request for Service Form along with $150.00 engineering fee is required to proceed. Call (509) 996-2228 for more information.

What are easements? Easements are legal documents that allow Okanogan County Electric Cooperative to build lines on someone’s property. The landowner still owns the property, but the easement allows access for repairs and maintenance once the line has been installed. Part of the maintenance in the easement includes cutting and trimming trees under and near the overhead lines. Keeping the lines free from trees reduces outages and maintains a safe clearance from electrical hazards.

OCEC will provide the new service applicant with the paperwork required for easements. The applicant is responsible for obtaining the easement.

OCEC will obtain permits from the City, County, State, and/or Federal Agency for rights-of-way.

New Service Process: Process PDF

Overhead or Underground? OH vs URD

Request For Service – Installation: Service Install Form

Request For Service – Feasibility: Service Feasibility Form

Membership Application: Member Form

Service Installation Handbook: Specifications

Line Extension Policy: 30-410